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‘Ooh, scandalous!’


I don’t think there are words to fully encapsulate how amazing my #scandalsummer has been.

Okay, so I’ll start from the beginning of my journey. Before Summer began, my friends were trying to get me out of my comfort zone in the area of TV shows because let’s be honest, I have always been quite narrow minded on what I watch. I actually prefer to stick to my simple Grey’s Anatomy Fridays. However, both my friends watch a range of shows which I saw helped them have moments of relief during the stressful and tiring time as first year A-level students.

As crazy as this may sound, their religiousness in ensuring they had an evening where they watched at least one show to relieve them; inspired me. I had been advised by them so many times to watch this show called ‘Scandal’ over summer even though my original plan was to watch Teen Wolf. I was skeptical because I had tried to watch Scandal before but the Pilot felt so long and draining I just couldn’t be asked to follow through. However, after yet another friend of mine advised me to take the plunge I figured the show must really have something in it. So, I finally decided to watch the show ‘Scandal’.

Watching Scandal has truly been so enjoyable. I haven’t watched a show that has constantly left me at the edge of my seat yearning for answers. I love TV and I love movies- it’s an interest I’ve always had. But more importantly, I love knowing that a show like Scandal has obviously been written so accurately and captures so many issues several face today.

It’s more than just a television show for me but it’s a testament to how complicated life can get and it kind of reminds me that life will always have it’s ups and downs, there’ll always be a ‘scandal’ occurring maybe not in your life but in lives around you. However, this shouldn’t stop you from surging forward and living your life in the best way you possibly can. I know for certain Mrs Rhimes must’ve written so many ideas for shows before finally releasing ‘Scandal’. I’ve actually learnt about perseverance so much which I see is a key theme within the show. Olivia Pope is known to never take no for an answer and I hope to live vicariously through her in that aspect.

So I want to thank my friends for convincing me to watch this amazing show and for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. Stepping out is never an easy thing but I believe by stepping out in an area that may seem irrelevant, I’m opening up my mindset to step out in other areas of my life that need it the most.



Peace & Love,



By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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