Let's Be Poetic

An Overthinking Mind

Inspired by prophetic words I’ve received in the past about not overthinking ♡

an overthinking mind, 
it spoils it all. 

an overthinking mind, 
is such a bore 
it wore me out 
tore me apart 
made me feel small 
and what’s more 
went on to do some of this some more 

a cycle 
sometimes I wish I could take a rifle 
and just still this overthinking mind of mine 
it takes too much time
mining, searching, thinking, feeling 
why can’t it just be normal? 
like how could God possible restore me? 
when I think on behalf of Him 
try to take his place 
with this overthinking mind 

it takes me to a place 
where reality is so far away 
a distant land 
that’s arid 
just full of sand 
no oasis 
it’s not a place it’s 
a thought 

I latch onto it
And soon enough
I’m gone 
My senses believe it 
And it’s so strong 
My brain feels like it conceived it 
Transmits messages to the rest of my body 
So they can receive it too 
But it was all you 
You overthinking mind 
That interrupts every piece of joy
You’re just noise 
Muffled and unable to make sense 

I hate you 
I despise you 
Why do you still pester me, prod me, probe me 
Do you loathe me? 

My own mind - an enemy 
I just can’t see 
The light 
Because I’m blinded by your rife 
This fight we have goes live 
In five, 

Just one whisper from Him 
Brings me back 
The Holy Spirit is tangible 
And His voice is getting louder 
He reaches out a hand
I’m no longer drowning in the waves 
I can finally see His face 
It’s radiant and it says: 
“Never leave nor forsake” 

“I’m here to stay” 
“You can’t push me away” 
“You can’t run and expect me to remain here” 
“Not pursuing you, not showing a care” 
“That’s what I do, that’s all I want to do” 
“Is to have you” 
“To rescue you, to lift you up” 

“So even when you’re down in the dumps” 
“Look Up” 
“I’m there, I’m here, I’m everywhere” 
“Don’t neglect me, my child” 
“Don’t reject my love” 

“Your overthinking mind, is mine” 
“You have the mind of Christ” 
“So let me use it” 
“Let me show you how it can be programmed” 
“Let me take control”
“Let me take the wheel and drive you till I no longer hear this spiel, this word called ‘hate’” 
“Because it negates all that you are, all that I stand for” 

“Let’s use the word ‘adore’” 
“and abhor that roar of hatred and disgust” 
“Over your own self, over lust” 
“Because all it is is power” 
“Power that you want to shower over yourself, by yourself” 
“When I’m here to help” 

“I’m here to be your guide” 
“So follow me, my child” 
“I won’t lead you astray
“I’ll be there every step of the way” 
“You can trust me, use me as your arm rest, as your place of rest” 
“I’ve got you” 

“I’ve got you.”

By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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