Let's Be Poetic


Inspired by not just an acknowledgement (anymore) but a deeper understanding of what Jesus Christ did on that cross for me, of who Jesus Christ and how I am so desperately in love with Him ♡

† = ♡

I remember...
body weak 
tears shed 
a pleading for it all to pass 
an acceptance of your task 

I remember...
a carrying away 
the greatest betrayal 
a wrestle to not settle 
the anger 
the restoration 
the confusion 
the scatter 

I remember...
the bitterness 
the spitting at 
the jeering 
the thorny irony 
the look in your eyes 
falling to my own demise 

I remember...
the beating 
the wounds 
the slashing 
the stripes 
the strokes 
all woven 
your body, a tapestry 
an emblem of your love 

I remember...
the fear 
the anxiety 
the blindness 
thickness in the air 
the choosing of 
one who ‘deserved’ 
over the one sent from above 
the washing of
knowing this was wrong 

I remember...
the walking to 
the voices 
the bleeding blue 
not understanding you 
a lack of oxygen 
an antioxidant 
intoxicating that image 
where we praised you, hailed you 
never seeking to maim you 
yet here we stand

I remember...
only one man sought to help 
the cross is heavy 
too much to take 
you don’t faint or hesitate to take your place 

I remember...
you’re at the stage 
the place 
where we look upon your face 
in disdain 
still in confusion 
unaware of our own pollution 

I remember...
the piercing 
hands and feet 
just so we 
could be 
(your) hands and feet 
bleeding, your life fleeing 
before our very eyes 
needing sustenance 
but given none 
fed with a bitter drink 
of our animosity

I remember... 
our love of flesh 
not realising how we 
put your flesh to death 
yet, it was still your intent 
still your glory 
we’re still part of your story 

I remember...
the wailing
a mother’s worst nightmare 
a joining of 
a new mother, new son 
His beloved 

I remember...
the giving up ghost 
the leaving 
the earth wrestling 
as proof to what we should’ve known 
‘This man was truly the Son of God’ 
sent from above 
a display of the Father’s love 
For Us

I remember...
the tearing of the veil 
life becoming life again 
a symbol of His power 
the keys snatched away 
His power prevails 

I remember...
the pain 
the sadness 
the mourning 
The Morning 
the diligence 
the walking towards 
seeking a glimpse 
to clean and dress
but rather being addressed 
being told - ‘He is no longer here’ 

I remember...
the confusion 
the zeal 
the rock running 
he needed to see 
he needed to be 
at the site 
to restore his sight 
to know he was forgiven & redeemed  

I remember...
the reappearing 
the intimacy 
a woman who loved him, 
honoured him 
had fallen at his feet 
given Him her everything 
being blessed to see 
the first to witness Him 
as 'Saviour' 

I remember...
the doubt 
the proof 
the holed hands 
the pierced feet - not gout 
the reality 
he died but he’s alive 
I saw him die 
Now I’m touching him 
And he’s alive? 
He smiles...
‘Give me something to eat’ 
Let’s test this further 
Don’t you see it’s been fulfilled? 

The Old becomes New 
Connected by You 
The Scarlet Thread 
Your blood worked into every aspect 
Every aspect of these ‘stories’ we read 
All confirmed as Prophecy 

A Love Story.
The Greatest Ever Told 
The Greatest Ever To Mould
The Orchestrator 
The Beginning & The End 
The Middle - ALL the bends 
All the twists & turns 
All the diversions 
All the hurt 
You’re there 
In The Midst. 

So I remember...
How I cease to exist 
How I cannot live 
If it weren’t for you 
My Redeemer 
My Saviour 
The Love of My Life

Thank you Jesus 
For dying 
And for being alive. 

More on the Significance and Power of The Blood of Jesus Christ here

By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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