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#AFrankMoment: I need hope.

Hope stems from a deep understanding and acceptance of what God has declared over your life. He has given you a hope and a future hence hope can only materialise and mature fully in Him. It is rooted in the work of Christ, hence we can only exercise hope in a full sense by studying the work of Christ, understanding how he moved & thought & spoke. 

How do we do that? 

By reading His word. 

By genuinely wanting to learn about Him. 

Be being more and more curious about this Jesus we speak of and being so obsessed with wanting to know Him more. To learn from Him. To sit at His feet like Mary did. And this can manifest in various ways.

Maybe you want to understand how Jesus moved and worked in the lives of others? There are SO many characters in the Bible – both men AND women, you’re bound to find at least one you directly relate with. Whether it’s through the confidence of Abigail or the curiosity of Mary; Rahab’s fervency or Lydia’s tenacity (Note how I specifically refer to female characters because for me, this is how Jesus and I are getting closer – through learning about the women in His word) – there is someone in the bible to learn about the splendour of our Lord and Saviour from.

Or maybe you love epic movies – trust me the bible is filled with so many epic & dramatic moments, it’s difficult to count. Is it Jesus walking on water? Paul and Silas being freed from prison in the midst of an earthquake? The Red Sea being parted? Oh best believe that word has got you covered.

Friend, approach His throne of grace with excitement – there’s so much He wants to teach you and give you but most importantly He wants you to accept and experience His love. He wants to understand that you were loved before you were even formed in your Mother’s womb and that He knew you. And in knowing that, he wants you to stay hopeful in the fact that He will remain faithful to you – He will not love & leave you but love & free you. Love & see you. Love & feed you. 

He Loves You. 

He is Faithful to you. 

He gives you Hope. 

Friend, when will the reciprocation commence? 

By Tolz 👑

My thoughts are best expressed by writing.
So that's what I do - I write.

It's how I make sense of it all.
My prayer is that someone somewhere is blessed or is able to relate to what I write.

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..." ~ Romans 12:6

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