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The ABCs of the Nigerian Constitution: Chapter & Schedule 1

Like every great story, this one has a beginning, and here it is. The first chapter of the Nigerian constitution is about the structure and system of the country. It is what makes Nigeria a federation.

Though filled with long, somewhat boring administrative detail the schedules help bring the chapters to life and offer specific detail of Nigeria’s overall makeup. There are 7 schedules in total in the Nigerian constitution. And these schedules are to the chapters what meat is to stew, what an owambe is to Lago, what shouting into the mic is to Davido. I’m sure you grab…they go hand in hand

sho get?

Schedule One

In a nutshell, the first schedule highlights the 36 states and capital territory which make up the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It also highlights the various local government areas (LGAs) that exist within each state. 

As mentioned previously, there are 36 states in Nigeria and 1 Federal Capital Territory. There is an average of 11 local government areas for each state and eventually they all add up to 774 LGAs.   

Part I of the schedule lists out all 36 states, the LGAs under them and each state capital.

Part II focuses on defining the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in relation to its specific map boundaries (it actually goes IN on specifying the latitudes and longitudes et al et al). It also lists out the area councils and headquarters. 

That concludes schedule I of the Nigerian Constitution! 

But wait, we’re not finished yet….

It’s infographic time!!! 

So guys, because I actually care about ensuring we all stay educated I made us some infographics to present this info better because, aesthetics innit?


‘Federal Republic’:

a government regulated by a constitution where the powers of the central government are limited by law so that individual states can hold a degree of self-governing powers in and of themselves. 

‘Local Government Area’:

a subdivision of a state that the local government is responsible for 

‘Federal Capital Territory’ (FCT):

located in the middle belt region of Nigeria, it is an area that is under the direct jurisdiction of Nigeria’s federal government. It is where the seats of power are concentrated and acts as a home to the various federal ministries and offices e.g. Aso Rock Villa, the official residence and workplace of the President is in Abuja, the country’s capital and a prominent part of the FCT.  

So that’s it from me! Till next time,

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Awesome, informative in a very simple readable way . Well researched and put together. I love . Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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