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A back story of some sort would’ve come in clutch for Schedule III, but since the Constitution doesn’t have one, I wrote one for you.

In Chapter 1 of the Nigeria Constitution, we broke down the three arms of government

  • The Legislature (make the law)
  • The Executive (enforce the law) and
  • The Judiciary (carry out justice).

This chapter focuses on the Executive arm of government. The executive consists of both Federal and State bodies of authority that help enforce the law. Let’s talk about these bodies and what they do.

Part I: The Federal Executive Bodies

Part II: State Executive Bodies

Part III: Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Executive Body

In a nutshell, bodies give the Presidency and Governing authorities counsel on appointing leaders. 

And this my friends, brings us to the end of schedule III.

I genuinely hope you picked up a few things from this somewhat lengthy writeup. If not, you only need to remember one thing: WE TRULY NEED A CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM because, in my opinion, a few of these committees are redundant and repetitive, but what do I know? 

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