About Me

Tolu Karunwi

Hi! My name is

  Tolulope Biodoumoye Karunwi

Don’t worry, it’s okay if you massacre the pronunciaton, teehee. For those who know me, know that this blog hasn’t always exuded a lot of confidence. For the longest time it was my personal diary where I aired all my insecurities but I feel I’m in a different place where I’ve come to accept me for me and love myself for who I am – because that’s what Jesus would & has always done. So, instead of some long spiel about how this blog came to be, how about how I came to be – no it’s not a birds & the bees talk – but a ’21 Facts About Me’ type of sitch. So, here goes…

21 Facts About Tolz 👑:

  1. Firstly, yes I do speak about myself in 3rd person and refer to myself as ‘Tolz’ – especially when I’ve done something silly 

2. I was born on 25th March 1997 a.k.a the best day of the year, every year 

3.   My favourite colour is Pink but Yellow is the colour of my soul 

4. If you don’t know what that means, ask me whenever or if ever you get to meet me in person, I shall go into thorough detail to explain 

5. I love to dance..and sing. I do the former better but basically I like to pretend I’m Beyoncé and put on my own shows in my room (don’t we all though) 

6.  I was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and moved to Brunei when I was 2 years old 

7.  I LOVE LOVE ♡ Actually, for the longest time it was ‘Romance’ I revered and I kinda still do because really & truly that’s what I’ve been exposed to but I’m slowly learning what ‘love’ truly looks like and so it’s safe to say, I LOVE LOVE. 

8.   I love cutesy, quirky things – like I LIVE for stores like Tiger, Paperchase, Scribbler where all these random items are sold. Hoping to put my own spin on this in relation to my company 

9. YES! I own my own company – Erayọ Events! It’s primarily an event-planning company but continues to expand to include so much more so stay tuned (*cough* product *cough* on its *cough* way *cough*) 

10. No I don’t have a cough 

11. LOL, yes I make razz, notsofunnybutfunnytome jokes and those are the type of jokes I find funny as well 

12.  I have 3 sisters who are my world 

13.  I can get claustrophobic, at the weirdest of times too like let’s say I’m getting my hair did in a small room, the claustrophobia will 100% kick in 😭

14. My favourite TV Shows are: Grey’s Anatomy & This Is Us 

15. The reason I fell in love with Grey’s is because of my oldest sister Nike, really & truly it wasn’t a choice as the oldest she had control of the remote control and there was nothing I could do about it, lmao. But I’m grateful now though…really, truly 

16.  I laugh very loudly 

17.   I am very passionate. That’s all. 

18.   I don’t know why I tried to be dramatic just then but what I mean is…actually take it how you wanna take it, I ain’t finna overexplain myself no more

19.   I use the word ‘finna’ a lot because I’ve watched too many American movies and Black American culture has infiltrated my linguo, LIES – I wanted to learn it cause I’m an accent changer. I change my accents mid sentence a lot of the time and I love it. 

20.   I am a Christian. I love Jesus. With all my heart, soul, mind, body, strength – errthang meyhn. My Faith means a lot to me and is what gets me by. 

21. I really wanted this point before to be my last to gain those emotive points but alas, here we are. Yes I use the word alas. I don’t feel like I’ve revealed enough about me but I mean, this is the internet. I’m not finna bear my soul – awks, read any of my “Let’s Write” posts, that’s what I basically do. It’s late, I’m tired but typing this is fun so I won’t stop. But yeah, hopefully you gain a lil insight into the amazing, beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, slightly-weird, gawjuss-on-the-inside-and-out woman that is Tolulope Biodoumoye Karunwi. I’ve shared a few of my onion layers in this and hopefully we can get to know each other more.